Hi, my name is Jon.  I’m an IT Professional working in Sydney, Australia and this is my blog.

I first played with computers on a Comodore 64 (anyone remember those?) back when they were new and my first PC was an IBM XT runnung DOS that I got from my dad. Having started in IT over 15 years ago on the front line working Help Desk and working in many roles since, I’ve seen first hand the business impact of many projects – both good and bad. These days I work on the vendor side helping customer embrace software defined infrastrcutre, cloud and digital workspaces nd I focus as much on the business value as the technology.

I’m also an avid SCUBA diver, though toddlers have meant lately I spend less time under the water.  Being a techie, this includes a healthy obsession with new gear and ambition to venture into technical diving to visit the many shipwrecks in the depths around Sydney.

Why a Blog?

Ultimately this blog is a convenient space for me to collect ideas, tips and various thoughts about the IT industry, pieces of technology and the world at large in one place where I can get them back, share and discuss them with others and reference them to other people.  Hopefully it becomes a valuable resource and source of discussion, at worst it’s somewhere to be long winded I can link to from Twitter!


I work at VMware as a presales consultant across the entire portfolio.  Ultimately I am to help businesses reduce cost and increase flexibility using our platforms and cloud management solutions.  I don’t get my hands dirty as much as I did as an implementation engineer, but I like to work in the lab in keep in touch with new technology.

This is a personal blog and in no way reflects the opinions, thoughts, desire, attitudes or preferences of my benevolent overlords at work unless otherwise indicated by them.  That should stop me getting sued or fired right?